WE TAKE PLACE is the party with a purpose.

We run events, projects, and creative programmes which TAKE PLACE using art as a resource for social change, and help communities TAKE their PLACE within our city.

WE TAKE PLACE is your creative community.

Email together@wetakeplace.com with 'JOIN' in the subject line to get on the mailing list where you'll find out about opportunities to feature what you're doing, find others to get involved, and collaborate.

You'll also be kept up to date with events, parties, projects, and meet-ups.

We want you to be a part of what we're doing and we want to hear your thoughts and ideas on what you think we can do together to use art as a powerful driving force for equality across our city. Get in touch and join the party with a purpose.

Art is a social resource.

Lets use it.

CUT A RUG: Photo credit Max A nthony

CUT A RUG: Photo credit Max Anthony